Monday, March 9, 2015

Stories That Matter

Thirty-three. According to Movie Insider that's how many movies are opening just this month. It seems pretty safe to say there is no shortage of movies being made. There might however, be a shortage of good movies being made.

I suppose it all comes down to what you believe the purpose of storytelling is. Is it to offer an escape from the daily grind? To connect your audience by a common experience? To cause your audience to re-examine their own lives and better understand how to live?

I have no doubt that this month's thirty-three films could be sprinkled throughout every one of those categories. But I'd like to present the possibility that, just maybe, a truly good story accomplishes all of those goals. That's where Catharsis comes in.

Catharsis founders, Barbara Nicolosi and Vicki Peterson help writers tell stories that are not only good enough in the eyes of the industry to get made, but also good enough for an audience to truly enjoy seeing it and be better off after having done so.

As a writer myself, I've found their instruction to be instrumental in my own projects. But don't just take my word for it! This is the first video interview in a series Barbara and Vicki did with Film Courage. Give it a watch to hear what they have to say. You won't be disappointed. Then get out there and write good stories. We're here for you!

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